17 Benefits of Continuing Education in Cosmetology

Continuing education in cosmetology offers several benefits to practitioners, including keeping up-to-date with new techniques and technologies, broadening their knowledge, and staying current with changes in the industry. It also allows them to enhance their skills and creativity in applying makeup, hair styling, and skincare treatments, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Benefits of Continuing Education in Cosmetology

Learn New Styles and Trends

Continuing cosmetology education teaches you the latest popular hair styles, cuts, colors, and beauty trends. Keeping your skills current and relevant ensures you can give clients what they want.

Continuing cosmetology education teaches new hairstyling trends, cutting techniques, color formulas, perm and relaxer approaches, and various skin and nail care methods. Keeping your skills current and expanding your services attracts new clients.

Sharpen Existing Skills

Even if you graduated beauty school years ago, ongoing training sharpens the haircutting, coloring, perming, styling, and makeup application skills you already have. Refreshing and practicing helps you deliver top notch services.

Job Security

People will always need haircuts, styling, coloring, skincare, manicures and other beauty services. Demand for cosmetology provides relatively stable job security not impacted by recessions like some other industries.

Build Confidence

When you devote time to advancing your cosmetology knowledge, it boosts your confidence working with diverse hair textures and types. It reduces the intimidation factor with new products and techniques too.

Listen to Industry Leaders

Renowned platform artists, top brand creative directors and famous stylists teach advanced cosmetology workshops and seminars. Learning from the best gives inspiration to take your craft to the next level.

Increase Clientele

Further developing your areas of expertise makes you more marketable to potential customers. The more diverse services you can provide, the more clients you can attract.

Promotion Eligibility

Some salons require technicians to complete a certain number of continuing education hours to be eligible for promotion to senior or master stylist positions with higher pay.

Career Advancement

Documenting continuing education shows current and future employers your commitment to the industry. It enhances your resume and paves the way to move up into managerial, training and leadership roles.

Entrepreneurship Skills

Business courses teach you sales, marketing, bookkeeping, human resources, branding, social media marketing and operational best practices to one day open your own salon.

Networking Opportunities

Beauty industry conferences and classes allow you to make connections with manufacturers, distributors and salon owners for future job prospects and business deals.

Credential Maintenance

States require cosmetology and estheticians license renewal every two years with proof of continuing education hours. Staying current with requirements means no disruption to servicing clients.

Increased Earning Potential

Further developing your expertise expands the services you can provide. More offerings and better skills let you charge higher prices that increase your earning potential.

Change Careers

Some continuous education programs for cosmetologists lead to national certification or college credit for those who decide they want to move into a new field like education, sales or medical aesthetics.

Give Better Consultations

Advanced training teaches you how to better communicate with clients about their needs and expectations during skin, hair and nail consultations so they have a positive service experience.

Learn Medical Aesthetics

Continuing education can expand into minimally invasive medical aesthetics procedures like laser hair removal, botox injections, chemical peels and microdermabrasion that bring in lucrative income.

Stay Motivated

Ongoing classes with like-minded professionals keep you connected to the beauty industry. This motivates you in times when the long days standing on your feet start to lower your enthusiasm about servicing clients in the salon.

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